Amateur Radio Contest

NG3K Provided Resources: Announced DX Operations Jul13 (Search ADXO) Now with links to the DX Watch spot database for active operations! Contest Operations, Calendars

Windows based general logging, contest-specific, and ham exam software.

Universal Radio Inc. Selling new and used amateur and shortwave radio equipment since 1942

Amateur Radio Contest 16

Amateur Radio Contest 105

DX Zone is a portal dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio) with a human edited links directory dedicated to long-distance and two-way radio communictations

Amateur Radio Contest 10

Amateur Radio Contest 60

NG3K Amteur Radio Contest Page DX Operation Announcements for Forthcoming Contests. Forthcoming contests operations are included in the tables linked-to below.

An organization consisting of national amateur radio societies around the world, the watch and spokesman for the amateur radio community.

Features a large collection of links covering ham radio and DX topics.

Amateur Radio Contest 6

Amateur Radio Contest 97

CQ Amateur Radio is the world’s leading independent ham radio magazine, with an emphasis on operating, DXing, contesting, propagation, public service, mobiling and

Amateur Radio Contest 66

Amateur Radio Contest 103

Amateur Radio Contest 17

Hams to Japan Sweepstakes Starting April 18th, you can enter into our contest for a trip to the 2017 Tokyo Hamfair and other prizes! Contest University

Sells and provides processors K8, K9 and K10 and other kits, software and documentation.

Amateur Radio Contest 4

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